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For those of you looking for that perfect everyday item or, perhaps, a small gift for someone special, your are in the right place. All items below are made with Sterling Silver and many feature a variety of stunning semi-precious stones.

All name jewelry items are custom order only, so please give us a call.

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Personalized Key Chain
Special Order
These unique key chains can be personalized to your delight. Your choice... First name, last name, nickname, initials. $35 for up to four letters; $5 for each additional letter. Background can be oxidized (shown) or textured (not pictured).

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Peitersite Pendant
Peitersite is a stone composed of Tigers Eye mixed with iron, giving it a stunning array of color. This particularly large Peitersite features what can hardly be mistaken for a small gnome sitting atop a tree...If you look closely. It invokes images of sea and sky, fire and earth.

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Carved Coral Centerstone
Carved coral in the form of a flower bouquet with a simple
wire wrap loop.

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Planished Clip Bracelet
This bracelet, made for a petite wrist, was molded with heat and then hammered for a beautiful finish.

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Wire Wrapped Abalone
Beautiful, soft abalone colors with handmade everything.

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Wire Wrapped Abalone V2.0
This pair sports a bolder version of the Abalone.

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Silver Fusion
This bracelet is made with our signature lacy work, and accented with stylish oxidation. Each one is unique!

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Its a Wrap
This Abalone centerpiece, with blues and purples, is wrapped in silver wire for a flowing effect.

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Bounced Refections
FUN! And difficult to photograph. I have series of these to put on my site. There are pearl centers, coral, Venetian glass, all highly reflective and alive.

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Mexican Fire Opal
This stunning Mexican Fire Opal is set in Sterling Silver, wrapped and embellished.

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Simply Silver Swirl

For the light-spirited at heart. All silver with some highly polished fun atop a darkly oxidized, contrasting background.

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Labradorite Pendant
Shining in the sun a bit like Tigers Eye, this simple setting of a beautiful green Labradorite sparkles.

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Lapis Bangle
Resting like a bangle on the wrist, this bracelet is actually hinged and clips at the bottom. Decorative bezels accent these simple stones.

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Abalone Web Wrap
Oh, what a tangled web we weave.


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