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All of these coins are mounted in 14k gold.
They come from the four ships detailed on our Coin History page.

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Atocha Coin 86A189005
GR1 8R Potosi Mint R Assayer. Simplicity sets off this beautiful coin.

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1715 Coin 11123
GR2 1/2R. Nice 1715 coins set in a dreamcatcher. Small, nice, 1715's are becoming extremely scarce.

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Isla De Muerto Coin 17535
GR1 1R Potosi Mint "E" Assayer. Dated 1669. Lovely Isla coin with 24 points of diamonds.

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Isla de Muerto Coin 17560
GR2 2R Potosi Mint "E" Assayer. Dated 1668. This coin is caught in a dreamcatcher along with 11 points of diamonds and half a carat of sapphires.

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1715 Plate Fleet Coins 15323 and 12056
1R Mexico Mint. Coins from "old stock". These are truly lovely examples of small 1715 coins and they will adorn both sides of your head! Accented with a total weight of 18 points of emerald.

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Atocha Coin 85A185559
GR1 8R Potosi Mint "Q" Assayer. A heavy cuff bracelet with a large, showy coin.

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1715 Plate Fleet Coin MF1960-108
GR2 8R Mexico Mint. Made for a man but strong enough for a woman.

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